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The School of Thought is an online space for marketers and advertising talent to grow what they know and fill in the gaps of what they don’t. 

It brings together logic and creativity, information and imagination, basic principles and big ideas. 

It’s the go-to platform for individuals who want to get better at what they do by gaining access to curated articles, learning tools, insider tips, professional training and community sharing.

The marketing and communications industry is a symbiotic ecosystem. By learning and growing and sharing and challenging, we make the whole community stronger and our professional growth more inspiring.


There are two types of membership: Individual and Teams

Individual Membership is free, and you are able to buy the courses and subscribe to the library (and access the coaches) via credit card or EFT. 

A Team Membership allows your company or agency to have your own branded private learning channel, courses to be taken in closed interactive cohort spaces, HR reporting, and customisation as requested.

What you'll get as a member

🎪 You'll be part of a community all engaged around the same simple question: how do I get better at this? You'll be able to meet and engage with peers and experts; sharing experiences, getting advice, and growing your professional network.

✅ Master your knowledge gaps with an ever expanding academy of courses in advertising and marketing designed by expert practitioners, to help you sharpen your skills. 

🤩 Access our network of wise and wonderful coaches - whether you need a quick 30 min or hour-long appointment to have a burning question answered, or you would like to engage a professional coach for you or your team. 

🎟 Attend and watch virtual sessions and events: from book-club reviews and interviews with authors, to webinars and podcasts to all sorts of fun stuff.

🔍 Your Home Page is customised for you. You can use Topics to organise your activity, search to find what you're looking for, and Save Post for you to quickly come back to your favourites.

📨 You can direct message anyone in the community. You can also post and have threaded conversations.

🥇🥈🥉 You will be rewarded for your activity. The more you engage, the more colleagues and friends you invite, the more you are rewarded with discounts and special rewards.

📚 Subscribe to the Reference Library with around 2000 curated articles & videos, essential reading, tools, tips and templates, searchable by hashtag, and we'll add to this all the time. (Free on a Teams membership; monthly subscription on Individual Membership).)

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Individual access is free with the option to buy courses and subscribe to the library. Package options are variable for marketing or agency teams.

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